ERMAKSAN SPEED BEND 2100 X 100 (used)

Press brakes

Updated: 30.01.2017 17:46:11

Year: 2013

Price: $55000

Location: OntarioCanada

Machine state: used

Product Description

ID #: 394203 Brand: ERMAKSAN Model: SPEED BEND 2100 X 100 Type: Press Brakes Condition: Good Year: 2013 Serial #: 12873 Control: CNC (Delem 66T) Seller: Show me who the seller is... Location: Ontario Canada Return Policy: as-is Price: $55,000.00 USD (change currency) Request a QuoteAdded to Request list Tonnage: 121.254 T Hyd/Mech: HYD OA Length: 82.5 " BH: 62 " Stroke: 0.4213 " # Axis: 7 Dimensions: 128 x 76 x 101" Weight: 12789 Lbs Control: CNC (Delem 66T) Y1-Y2 beam control 4 axes back gauge : XRZ1Z2 CNC crowning Equipped with pneumatic top & bottom tool clamping for European style tooling Vertical loading of the top tool Comes with Rolleri precision European tooling has all the current safety requirements : side and back guarding and AKAS laser type beam safety Machine is dusty area and is working everyday, possible to see machine under power. A good wipe down with a rag an the machine looks as new. Don't have a good picture from the front yet but there is a video attached with the working of the machine